Yellow Fever Supporters Group Statement


Despite strong support for fan group protest action the Yellow Fever are not in a position to take any boycott action at the Phoenix’s home game this weekend in Auckland

Yellow Fever would like to express their strong support for the protest action undertaken by fan groups across the A-League against the Football Federation Australia (FFA).

“We appreciate the stand other groups across the A-League are taking against the poor treatment of fans by the FFA and would like to publicly state they have our full backing” said David Cross.

The situation arises following a privacy breach of fan information leading to the publication of those details by a major Australian newspaper, as well as misleading statements from A-League and FFA executives on the banning of fans and appeals process.

“The FFA are acting as if they are above the law. There is no fair and transparent process in place in the league and a guilty till proven innocent mentality is damaging the already tense relationship with fans. The FFA are playing it fast and loose with not only fans’ rights but the truth regarding their own processes” continued Cross.

“It has also been disappointing to see elements of the New Zealand media perpetuating the myths and inaccuracies in these articles and offering an uncontested platform for the misinformation from some Australian journalists.”

“The fans are a key aspect of football and the fact that the FFA don’t even view us as stakeholders in the game shows how out of touch they are. If they want to rebuild the sport, the league and its support base they need to start recognising that the customers are central to that and start appreciating the high quality fans the teams in this league have.”

Despite our strong support for this cause the Yellow Fever are not in a position to take any boycott action at the Phoenix’s home game this weekend in Auckland. 

“With such a strong push from the FFA against our club’s licence extension we feel continuing our fight against that decision is a priority for the Wellington Phoenix fans at this time. Fighting to ensure the treatment of the league’s fans is fair and reasonable and is important to us all but will not mean much if we no longer have a club to support.”