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Support for the Wellington Phoenix continues to grow and there are now Phoenix Fans spread around the world. 

Wellington Phoenix Supporter Groups have sprung up around the globe, with passionate supporters and club members getting together to support their team wherever they live. 

There are active Phoenix supporter groups in Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Osaka, Perth and Sydney.

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Practicing the chants before the march to the stadium – must admit the last one was my fav…check out our buddy in orange 😉

Posted by Phoenix Club Members Supporters Group: Brisbane on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Wellington Phoenix Supporters Group in Brisbane before a game at Suncorp Stadium. 

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We are currently looking for organisers in Auckland, Canberra, London, Seattle and Singapore. 

If you are interested in being an organiser of an official Wellington Phoenix Supporter group or starting one in your area please email ibelieve@prod.wellingtonphoenix.aleagues.com.au.