Junior Capo Programme is back for 2018/19


Throughout New Zealand, more and more people are beginning to play and be involved in the great game of Football.

Since 2007, Wellingtonians have been lucky enough to have a professional football team right on their doorstep involved in the Hyundai A-League and as a result we are able to experience a vibrant and exciting atmosphere at every home game.

Wellington Phoenix have a group of passionate supporters, the Yellow Fever, who show their love for football and the team at every game by chanting and making noise in support of the team.

We are looking for young fans who are willing to go the extra mile to bring their mates and family to the Phoenix games, and to show them how great the match day experience is.

If you are a young football fanatic and believe you can influence your friends/family/teammates to attend Phoenix games and support the team, then the ‘Junior Capo’ role is perfect for you.

As a Junior Capo, you will be in charge of actively promoting Wellington Phoenix and encouraging as many friends/teammates/ family members to attend each of the games at Westpac Stadium. You will keep in regular contact with our Community Engagement Assistant, Alysa leading up to matchdays, regarding how many supporters you will be bringing to the game.

In return, you will receive special ticket discounts for you and your attendees, junior capo gifts, and the chance to win prizes if you bring the most friends over the season.

With modern technology and social media, recruiting friends and family is easier than ever before. We encourage Junior Capos to be as creative as possible, to gather as many Phoenix fans as possible, attend the games and support the team.


  • Be at least 10 years old
  • Actively promote Wellington Phoenix and encourage attendance to games
  • Bring a minimum of 5 friends to each game
  • Keep in regular contact leading up to the game days with our Community Engagement Assistant, Alysa


  • Junior Capo Gifts
  • Discounted Adult and Concession tickets
  • Seating in the ‘Junior Capo Zone’ situated in Aisle 19 (Next to Yellow Fever)
  • Prizes for Junior Capos who bring the most friends over the season


If you are interested and think you have what it takes to be a Junior Capo, please contact our Community Engagement Assistant, Alysa, today at alysad@prod.wellingtonphoenix.aleagues.com.au.