Thank You for Your Support!


THANK YOU to Yellow Fever & everyone who has donated to Give-a-Little to purchase memberships for local charities & volunteers

The Wellington Phoenix would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all of our supporters, both in New Zealand and worldwide for their continued support of the Club in membership sales and donations to the Yellow Fever Give-a-Little page.

We understand that for all of you, and particularly for dedicated supporters of other Hyundai A-League clubs, this is a considerable contribution and we appreciate your support.


The Fundraising Effort: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/savethenix

Yellow Fever is raising funds to give Wellington Phoenix season passes to charitable organisations to use to say thanks to their volunteers.

The aim of this fundraising effort is to raise money to buy a number of adult+child membership packages (worth $209 each). These will then be donated to organisations around Wellington that have a positive impact on the Wellington community.

The focus of the fundraising efforts is on organisations that have a large base of volunteer workers, to provide a way to say thank you to their volunteers by giving them a day out at a Phoenix match. We believe organisations such as Ronald McDonald House, Wellington Free Ambulance, Canteen and the SPCA fit this criteria, but would love to get ideas for other worthy causes.

The campaign won’t strictly be limited to volunteer organisations, so if there are any organisations you believe deserve this opportunity or you would like to nominate someone deserving, please send us your ideas via an email to savethenix@yellowfever.co.nz.

Not only will this #SaveTheNix campaign positively contribute to the Wellington community, it will also assist the Phoenix to meet the FFA’s membership metrics and aid in the Phoenix’s ongoing negotiations.

If you would like to support the Yellow Fever in this effort, please visit https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/savethenix

To get your own membership, there are options from a Ticketed or Non ticketed Club Membership (if you live outside of Wellington), a Nix Six Flexi Pass (six ticket vouchers: take five friends with you to one game or use one voucher for each of six games) or a full season ticket (cost-effective if you will attend eight or more games). Here’s all the information: http://memberships.ticketek.co.nz/Phoenix/Home.aspx