Siggy The Waterboy Does It Again For The Phoenix


Ben Sigmund might have been ruled out of the Phoenix game against URO United Sikkim FC in Imphal through suspension, but he was determined to still do his bit for the team.

The Phoenix players were horrified by the bone hard, rutted pitch when they trained on the stadium the previous day and coach Ricki Herbert insisted the ground be heavily watered on the day of the game.

Organisers called in a fire truck and it was in action when Sigmund, along with fellow red card transgressors Andrew Durante and Manny Muscat, arrived to do some extra training in lieu of missing the game.

Not impressed by the way the job was being done Sigmund took over and for more than an hour wielded the high-powered hose, which incidentally had a few leaks, to all areas of the pitch.

Even the United Sikkim players were impressed and snapped away with their phone cameras.

“I just wanted to do something for the team after getting myself sent off and missing some games,” Sigmund said.

“The pitch was in a shocking state the previous day and had it not had a load of water put on it someone could have got badly injured.

“When I saw the way the job was being done I just sort of took over.”

Kick off was delayed by 15 minutes while Sigmund finished his work, which was appreciated by both sets of players.

Ironically torrential rain arrived during the second half and by the end of the game the ground was waterlogged.

Throughout the game Sigmund could be heard to shout ‘You can do it’ from the sidelines. Ben Sigmund, centre back and waterboy for the Wellington Phoenix.