Round 27 | What it means to a fan


So, this is it. One match to go, second place up for grabs, with a vital three points on the line. A win would send the Phoenix straight through to a home semi final in the second round of the A-League finals series. There couldn’t be much more at stake for the Phoenix than this.

It’s been a tough few years for us Phoenix fans, but those who have stuck around through thick and thin are now being rewarded for their loyal support. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late to get involved in supporting the Phoenix though, there has never been a better time to introduce new people to the beautiful game at Westpac Stadium. The importance of the match against Sydney on Sunday cannot be overstated, and the players need every decibel of support from the crowd they can get!

Coming in second place is a huge boost in the quest to make the A-League grand final, something the club has never achieved before. Second place would mean that the Nix just have to win a single playoff at home to book their spot in the grand final. Coming in third place would not be the end of the world, but it would mean we would have to win a home playoff and then an away playoff in order to make the grand final. It’s a much publicised fact that no team has won the A-League Championship from outside the top two spots in the league, so three points on Sunday really would boost our chances of lifting the “toilet seat” for the first time.

The club has had ‘do-or-die’ games like this in its history before, but none quite as important as this one. Two years ago the Phoenix needed to win or draw against Melbourne Victory to avoid coming last in the league. One year ago the Phoenix needed to win to guarantee avoiding coming last in the league for the second time. This year, the Phoenix need to win to earn second place in the league, a much more important prize than simply avoiding the wooden spoon.

Sydney FC are coming back to town, and there’s just as much is on the line for them. They are also looking to earn second place on the table, which means this game is essentially a playoff game come early. A win for either team would secure second spot on the table, whereas a draw would mean Sydney take second place and the Nix would be taking on Brisbane Roar next weekend. Both sets of players will know what is at stake, so it’s vital that we as fans make it as hard as possible for Sydney to take control of the match. 

The season so far has been simply stunning for the Phoenix, but there’s a few more hurdles to overcome before the club has it’s first piece of silverware for the cabinet. If you are even remotely thinking about coming to the match, then head to Ticketek right now and buy a ticket to join us in the Fever Zone. We need you, and the team needs you. If you were thinking of just going to the playoff instead of this match, then remember that the team needs your support just as much in this match too. 

If you’ve got a season pass or have already bought a ticket, then you can still help out too! Let your friends and family know the game is on, and if they aren’t sure about joining us in the Fever Zone, buy them a ticket in Aisle 23 so they can still be a part of the atmosphere. If they need a little bit of convincing, show them this magical video we put together of the pure emotion and joy in the Fever Zone last Friday night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-z51KpIMsQ&feature=youtu.be 

The equation is simple for the Nix. A win would earn second place. A draw would lock in third place. And a loss may see the Nix slip back to fourth spot. It’s the most important league game that the Nix have played in their eight seasons in the A-League, and you really don’t want to miss out on the spectacle. 

See you at the Ring of Fire on Sunday!