Phoenix Take Strong Disciplinary Action


Following the incidents in the match against Newcastle Jets in Weston on Saturday night, the Wellington Phoenix has taken strong disciplinary steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

General Manager David Dome said that the Club has taken the incidents very seriously.

“Notwithstanding the play that led to the incidents, the Club in no way condones any kind of retribution or fighting in a match. It is totally unacceptable and we have taken action immediately following the match.”

The three players who were red carded in the match – Manny Muscat, Ben Sigmund and Andrew Durante – have all been fined and depending on sanctions handed out by the FFA will be stood down for some of the upcoming games on the pre-season tour of India.

Coach Ricki Hebert has also been very strong in his condemnation of the events. Dome says that Herbert has taken a strong line with the players.

“The day after the match Herbert addressed the entire squad and expressed his displeasure. He was unequivocal that incidents of this type will not be accepted by any player regardless of their seniority in the team” Dome says.

Herbert has also spoken individually to the three players involved.