Phoenix Raise Funds For Football Community


Want to help your local football club or school football programme? The Wellington Phoenix is committed is being part of the football community and has again offered clubs and schools the opportunity to use a Phoenix match as a fundraiser.

The Wellington Phoenix are committed to being part of the football community. The Club wants to help develop the next football generation by dedicating a share of the next home gate to local football clubs and schools who participate in local football competitions.

For each ticket sold using a club specific promo code on the Ticketek website, the ticket revenue will be shared 85% Phoenix, 15% club or school.

At a glance:

1. For each ticket sold as part of this offer to the football community 85% of the ticketing revenue associated with the promotion will go to the Phoenix, 15% to the football club or school.
2. Clubs will get 15% of the pre GST amount.
3.The offer is only available on-line, and as a pre-purchase (so cannot be bought over the phone or at Ticketek outlets or at the stadium on game day).
4.Tickets can be printed at home using Ticketek-s ezy-ticket functionality.
5.Each club in the wider Wellington region has been assigned a promotion code (see attached) with their club or school name to be entered when purchasing tickets on the Ticketek website.
6. All clubs or schools have to do is get across a minimum $100 total in sales threshhold (about 2 families) and 15% of all the revenue will be paid back.

If you want to be part of this, do your best to communicate this special offer and get in behind the Phoenix – and of course raise some funds for your club or school as well!

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