New Leagues Working Group Members Appointed


Football Federation Australia (FFA) advises that nominations from the relevant stakeholder groups in relation to their representatives on the New League Working Group (NLWG) have now been confirmed. 

In accordance with the terms of Resolution 2 of the 2018 Annual General Meeting, the composition of the NLWG is as follows:

– Nine Member Federation Presidents

– Two FFA Directors (Joseph Carrozzi and Crispin Murray)

– Five Hyundai A-League Club Chairmen (Scott Barlow, Rob Morrison, Simon Pearce, Tony Sage with Greg Griffin as General Counsel, and Anthony di Pietro and Chris Fong as alternative representatives

– Two Professional Footballers Australia representatives (Francis Awaritefe and Angela Collins)

– Two Women’s Football Council Members (Caroline Carnegie and Elise Kellond-Knight)

FFA Senior Management will also participate in the NLWG process as required.

FFA Chairman Chris Nikou said: “The work of the NLWG will be fundamental to the future success of football in Australia. The outcomes are important for the professional leagues, the national teams and the huge grassroots base of the game and it will be critical that all those sectors are taken into account. I’m pleased that its members have now been confirmed, and that we can commence the process of exploring how to evolve our professional leagues”.

The work of the NLWG is targeted to be completed by 31 March 2019.