National Volunteer Week – Thanks to our volunteers!

The Wellington Phoenix would like to give a massive shout out to our volunteers who go above and beyond for the club.

This season, the Wellington Phoenix had more than 20 volunteers help out throughout the season on match day, community events and academy programmes.

Wellington Phoenix events and community manager Kya Stewart says the volunteers play a crucial role in club operations and are a big part of the Phoenix.

Wellington Phoenix Volunteers / Photo: Cam McIntosh (Photomac)

“We have a strong group of volunteers who go above and beyond for the club,” Stewart said.

“Some volunteers worked late into the night and were still present on game day the next morning.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with and without them, our community events and game day simply couldn’t happen.”

Stu and Kirsty Jones were named the volunteers of the year at the club’s awards night in May.

Stu & Kirsty Jones / Photo: Cam McIntosh (Photomac)

The Wellington Phoenix Academy also have a number of volunteers who give up a lot of their free time for the club.

Team managers Justin Raffan and Steven Janes are volunteers at the academy along with Christoph Zintl who is the academy chaplain.

Operations manager Eilish Graves says Raffan, Janes and Zintl are all key and integral parts of the academy.

“We’re so grateful to have both Raffa and Janesy,” Graves said. “The hours they have put into the club is extraordinary! The always go the extra mile.

“Christoph also goes above and beyond to provide support to the academy. He has a great rapport with the players and staff.”

Raffan was named the academy’s volunteer of the year last month.

Justin Raffan / Photo: Cam McIntosh (Photomac)

Wellington Phoenix volunteers (Wellington based volunteers)

  • Angus & Esther Hutton
  • Bianca Evett
  • Cam McIntosh – Photomac
  • Christoph Zintl – Academy
  • Emma Bianchi
  • Helen & Tony Mallon
  • Justin Liu
  • Justin Raffan – Academy
  • Stu & Kirsty Jones
  • Kristy Whalen
  • Matt Gibson
  • Melanie Hart
  • Paul Ashworth
  • Reece Lewis
  • Rob Schofield
  • Samir Shemon
  • Stephanie Evett
  • Steven Janes – Academy
  • Yaso Tharen

Auckland based volunteers:

  • Kelly Bolus
  • Carolyn Day
  • Maddison Day
  • Kerry Alloway
  • Kris McGregor
  • Will Roberts
  • Jess Cooper
  • Phillippa Gouws
  • Rhys Burkitt
  • Anjela Jury
  • Molly Edmonds
  • Lucy Edmonds
  • Gary O’Neill
  • Max Wintle
  • Grant Edmonds
  • Peter Elbourne
  • Scott Werthmann
  • Joe Tollemache
  • Todd Murphy
  • Tara Murphy
  • Helena O’Connor
  • Jordan Bolus
  • Melanie Louden
  • Rob Bolus
  • Molly Cavanagh
  • Lara Colpi
  • Rhee Morrison
  • Tony Wall
  • Shalvin Dutt
  • Brandon Day
  • Heather Gallagher
  • Stacey Sargisson
  • Farzana Haque
  • Jo Sargisson
  • Maddi Day