Moss commits to the Phoenix


Glen Moss has committed himself to the Phoenix for another two years.

The 31-year-old goalkeeper yesterday signed a new two-year contract and is enthusiastic about his own future and that of the club.

“My body is in the best shape it has ever been,” Moss said.

“Lee Spence (strength and conditioning coach) and Rob Lee (physiotherapist) have helped me get so fit, but they haven t had to look after me too much this season as I’m feeling really good.”

Moss, who joined the Phoenix when the club was formed and returned after spells with Melbourne Victory and the now defunct Gold Coast United, had other options but had no hesitation in signing on again.

“There was interest from outside the A-League I could have pursued but at the end of the day when I was weighing up the options there was only one way it was going to go,” the New Zealand international said.

“The people at this club – players, football management and office staff – are fantastic and even at this early stage have been helping me with my ambition to work in the media when I finish playing.

“I have also been impressed with the direction the club is taking.

“I was here at the start and the future has never been as clear as it is now.

“The way we have worked on our culture and values since Ernie arrived has been impressive, and it is just as important to pay attention to that as it is to how we play.

“The way Ernie has got the team training and playing is exciting and that’s why I wanted to be here in the longer term.

“I believe this club is going to go places in the future because it is getting stronger all the time and I want to be part of it.

“Now there is a reserve side, youth team and academies, there is a path way for ambitious young footballers to follow.

“When we visit schools and talk to the kids now they say they want to play for the Phoenix when they grow up where it used to be the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea.”

Moss said it was also nice to have the hard work he had put in since returning to the club rewarded.

“I’m pretty passionate about the Phoenix and feel a responsibility as a leader in the team to lead by example so I put my heart and soul into training every day.

“For the club to offer me another two years is rewarding.”