The Hyundai A-League is back!


It’s back.

In case you haven’t gotten the message, after a far too long offseason, Hyundai A-League football is finally back.

Once every two weeks, for ninety minutes at the cake tin, we’re treated to what we all love. We’re here to watch 22 athletes chase a ball around. And we love each and every second of it. We are here to watch a heart in mouth, adrenaline pumping, an emotionally intensive game of football.

We are here to watch the Wellington Phoenix.

They’re back.

It has been a very exciting pre-season and the team has been building throughout. Head Coach Mark Rudan has made some quality signings in the offseason as former Premier League legend Steven Taylor has come in to help shore up the backline. Attacking players like David Williams and Mitch Nichols have also been brought in to add to Krishna’s goalscoring talents.

This is a solid squad that Mark Rudan has gotten himself.

And we may be underdogs for the season, but that suits us to the core. We’ve always been underdogs. But we’re underdogs with the potential, and ability, to shock and surprise.

So sit yourself down in the Cake Tin, watch us show the Hyundai A-league how good we really are, and wave your shirt around when we’re winning at the 80th minute.

Buckle up. Because I’ve got a good feeling about this season.


Dan Moskovitz

Twitter: @danmosky