How Do You Power The Game?

With just nine days to go until season nine of the Hyundai A-League kicks-off we want to know how you, the fans, power the game.

Whether your team win, lose, or draw, your actions during the 90 minutes affect the destiny of the match. We want to understand what it is that you do during a Hyundai A-League match to lift your team and drive them on to get a result?

Throughout the duration of the season we want all Hyundai A-League fans to share with us their secrets to supporting their team, so once and for all we can show the world that we have the loudest, most enthusiastic and passionate sports fans in Australia, and probably the world…

To get involved just follow these simple steps.
1. Go to youpowerthegame.com.au and connect using Facebook.
2. Let us know who you support and what you do during a match to lift your team.
3. Click Power the Game
4. Share with everyone you know

Last season showed how strong we-ve become. This season will prove how powerful we can be. Become more than just a face in the crowd. You Power the game.