Hernandez Keeps Smiling Despite the Elements


Since arriving in Wellington to join the Phoenix Costa Rican international Carlos Hernandez has had to contend with earthquakes, bitter cold and torrential rain lashing the training field but he still has a smile on his face.

After training in the calm, sunny conditions he prefers at Newtown Park on Thursday Hernandez shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said he had experienced dramatic weather changes in Melbourne while playing for Victory and Wellington was similar.

“I was a little scared by the earthquakes but you know we sometimes have them at home,” he said.

“I must admit though I am waiting for summer because I love the warmth.

“My country is tropical, usually between 27 and 29 degrees so I am used to warm weather.

“The main thing is I am happy in Wellington. The boys have made me feel comfortable.”

In training Hernandez- team-mates have seen what he is capable of and after one shooting session goalkeeper Glen Moss was moved to say the way he strikes the ball is “different class”.

The midfielder is still some way off peak fitness but has been volunteering for extra sessions with fitness coach Lee Spence.

“I really want to be 100 per cent fit by the time the season starts so that I can do well for the Phoenix,” he said.

With Costa Rica in with a good chance of qualifying for next year-s World Cup in Brazil, an in-form Hernandez could earn himself a place in the squad.

“I spoke to the national coach before I came here and he said if I was playing very good then I may have a chance,” Hernandez said.

“But the most important thing for me is to play well for the Phoenix. If I do that and we are winning games then the rest will follow.

“My whole focus in on the Phoenix and helping the team do well.”

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