Getting to know Jack Duncan

Experienced goalkeeper Jack Duncan was Giancarlo Italiano’s second new signing for the 2023-24 season. The 30-year-old joined the Wellington Phoenix from the Newcastle Jets, where he played alongside fellow recruit Mohamed Al-Taay.

Here are five things to know about Jack Duncan.

He is a dad

A year ago Jack and his wife Anea welcomed their son Orlando into the world. Duncan is currently living in Wellington by himself, but he will soon be joined by Anea and Orlando.

Jack loves his coffee

Like Al-Taay, Jack is a coffee lover and is very specific about the coffee he likes. He loves a long black and is shipping his very own espresso machine and grinder across the Tasman.

He has experience playing outside Australia

While he has played more than 100 matches in the A-League, this isn’t Jack’s first time playing abroad. He spent the 2015-16 season in Denmark at Superliga side Randers FC. After helping the Newcastle Jets to the 2018 A-League grand final, Jack joined Al-Qadsiah FC in Saudia Arabia, where he played for two seasons before Covid brought the world to a halt and he returned to Australia.

Jack’s a foodie

Jack and Anea enjoy good food and fine dining, and love to explore new places and cuisines. “I am looking forward to seeing what Wellington and New Zealand gastronomy is all about.”

Golf is his favourite hobby

Just like most of the Phoenix men’s team, Jack is a keen golfer. He plays golf to unwind and relax, and it doesn’t impact his football. “It just allows us to relax and socialise away from training.” We’re not quite sure if Jack has played with golfing prodigy Ben Old yet!