Change of venue for women’s upcoming match

The Wellington Phoenix’s round 15 Liberty A-League match against Newcastle Jets this Sunday has been moved from Maitland to Newcastle due to a potential extreme heat.

The temperature at Maitland Regional Sportsground is forecast to be 38 degrees for kick-off at 5pm AEDT (7pm NZT), with a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WGBT) of 28.8, which would trigger a potential delay or postponement under the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) heat policy.

APL have made the decision to move the match to the No.2 Sportsground in Newcastle, where it’s forecast to be mostly cloudy with an ambient temperature of 30.5 degrees and a WGBT of 27 at 5pm.

Due to the significant difference in conditions the original kick-off time will remain in place for the time being, with the match to have mandatory drink/cooling breaks.

Officials will continue to monitor the weather forecast for the remainder of the week and will delay kick-off if necessary.