Barrott to lead female development at the academy

A major milestone for the Wellington Phoenix Academy as it sets about building its fledgling women’s development programme.

Katie Barrott has been appointed to lead female development at the academy, having worked as a development officer with Capital Football since the start of 2020.

Barrott has also coached the academy’s under-16 girls team for the past two seasons.

She is the first women’s coach to be appointed to a fulltime role with the academy as the Phoenix look to offer a full pathway for aspiring women’s players from 2023 onwards.

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity and just grateful to be on board,” Barrott said.

“I’ve been in the academy for almost two years now, so I’ve been able to see how it works and how immersed all the girls are within the academy. I just can’t wait to see it grow.

“We’ve seen a lot of success from having a group of girls training regularly and spending time with sports scientists and physiotherapists.

“The girls have come a long way and really loved being a part of it so if we can grow that base and keep continuing to add professionalism around the female game, I’m really excited for what that means for the Kiwi player.”

Barrott has been coaching football for almost a decade, having started as a teenager.

“I actually went to university wanting to become a primary school teacher and spent a lot of time studying education.

“Although I decided not to be a primary school teacher and followed my passion in football instead, I use that degree every day in my job.

“We play such a pivotal role in developing good people and I don’t take that role for granted. It’s something I’m super passionate about and I really enjoy working with the players I have.”

Barrott can’t wait to work more closely with academy technical director Paul Temple, who also coaches the women’s development group.

“Paul’s been a massive part of my coaching career, especially over the last two years.

“He’s someone that I really admire how much he cares about the young players and their development. I also appreciate the way he’s brought me in and continued to care about my development as a coach.”

Temple has welcomed Barrott’s appointment.

“It’s fantastic we can bring Katie into the academy set up full time,” Temple said. “She is a young female coach who has proven her quality and value to the environment.

“I think Katie has a big future in coaching and together we will be working hard to build the best women’s football environment in the country.

“Katie’s appointment is just the start of big plans we have in the female football space.

“I believe we can help young women by providing an environment where they can develop as players and people, while also having the unique and inspirational pathway into our A-League women’s team.”

Katie Barrott will start her new role at the academy at the end of next week.