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Football For All

Football For All – Season 2021

The Football for All programme was launched in June 2020, and is targeted at refugee families and recent immigrants to the Wellington region – with the aim of fostering inclusivity, participation and well-being by using football as a vehicle to help specific communities who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience and engage with sport.

Facilitated by Football For the Community Development Trust (FCDT) and primarily funded by the Lloyd Morrison Trust, the initiative covers the costs of children aged between five and 17 from ethnic communities to play football at their local football club.

The programme is not a talent identification or performance programme – it is focussed on participation and inclusion only. It is driven and managed by the FCDT whose purpose is to foster acceptance of diversity, player inclusion and participation. 

The programme is open to those who meet the criteria and includes covering the costs of some or all of the following: club subscriptions, uniform costs, football boots supplied by New Balance New Zealand and any other costs regarded as a barrier to participation in football. 

At the same time employing local community coordinators who arrange funded travel to and from trainings and games.

The objective is to remove any financial or logistical barriers (eg transport) for recent immigrant or refugee families and groups to participate in football.

Starting from a base of 48 in season 2020, in season 2021 the programme aims to expand its offering to 100+ participants in Wellington in the future, with other centres joining the programme once funding can be sourced.

The programme each season looks for both coordinators and players with applications being accepted either through their local club, school or by using the below links:

Player and Coordinator Application Forms in a number of languages can be accessed here.

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Football For the Community Development Trust

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