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Community Requests

The Wellington Phoenix players and staff are out in the community regularly visiting schools, clubs and communities.

As a high profile sporting organisation, the Wellington Phoenix recognises the significant responsibility it has to service the football family and the general community. The club’s coaches, players and community staff each year spend many hours working in and with the community.

Player Appearances

The Wellington Phoenix receive many requests for player appearances or assistance each year from a wide variety of organisations and causes, schools and community groups. Whilst we endeavour to provide support where we can, it is not possible to fulfil every request because of the level of demand.

Please note that:

  • Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with priority given to requests that align with the causes supported by the Wellington Phoenix and requests from members and corporate partners.
  • Receipt by the Wellington Phoenix of this request does not guarantee that the request will be granted.
  • We will confirm receipt of any request and subsequently inform all applicants of the outcome of such request.
  • Requests for monetary donations or sponsorships will not be considered.
  • Personal requests for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries will not be considered.
  • Player appearance requests must indicate the role to be undertaken by the player(s).
  • Players will not participate in any activity where there is a risk of injury. If you are requesting players to participate in a coaching role, please be prepared to have a qualified coach to prepare and run the session.
  • Requests must be made at least six (6) weeks in advance of the event.
  • Appearances are scheduled for one (1) hour. Any extension of this will be considered at the time of the request, where appropriate.

Please note that in relation to player appearances :

  • Player availability is limited during the playing season.
  • Players are not available on match day.
  • Players are generally not available the day before or after a match.
  • Players are entitled to one day off per week as well as four weeks annual leave.
  • Once an appearance has been confirmed, it is possible that due to unforeseen circumstances, including amended paying and training schedules, an appearance might have to be cancelled with regret. Although a rare occurrence, we need to bring this to your attention.

In order to include details of the player appearance on the Wellington Phoenix social media, the club seeks approval for photographs of the appearance to be published.

For more information, please contact our Events and Community Manager:

Kya Stewart
Events and Community Manager